poeming after thirteen years

thirteen years ago

i was naive enough
to believe that we
might collectively
wake up

end our oil-grabbing violent warring
end our adolescent patriotic schisming
end our kowtow to corporate individuating

and i was naive enough
to hope that losing
our innocents might matter
(despite so many innocents lost before)

that America would see
that everyone is


that we'd see
everyone is

(or would have been)

and that we'd
part of our

(there is no me without you)
(there is no you without me)

and oh, oh my love,
my naive, naive love:
i was naive enough
to believe
in our oneness

and i still am naive
and i still hope
and i still believe

that one day,
we will wake up

collectively rip the blindfold
off our revenge fantasies

(there is no revenge for me)
(without revenge for you)

and see that
we only hurt ourselves
when we hurt anyone

(what would have been)

the cycle of violence
has to stop somewhere
it ends us all

may the cycle of violence end here.
may the cycle of violence end now.
may the cycle of violence end. forever.

may their memories
(all their memories)
(all our memories)
bring peace into this world.
for everyone.