upper respiratory cold

At first, it could have been allergies. That's how colds usually start, for me. Then after a certain point, I have to admit that allergies don't usually also involve feeling feverish and achy. Yup, it's an upper respitory cold. Fun times, blowing my nose again. And again. 

So I slept as much as possible last night (hooray for benedryl) and didn't go to Rosh Hashana services today (because I needed to keep sleeping and I also don't want to be the Typhoid Mary of our synagogue). I don't know if I'll be able to go tomorrow, either, which sucks. 

Maybe if I sleep 16 hours again tonight. Or not. 

I just have to wait and see. 

Meanwhile, M and Remy went shopping on their way home from services (where Remy had a great time!!!) and brought home a bunch of soup and pre-made smoothies. And NyQuil. Blessed, blessed NyQuil (and some DayQuil - dude, these guys of mine rock). 

The one nice thing about being sick during the start of high holidays is that M is home. 

Time for another nap.