yes, yes: iOS 8

I'm going to preface this by saying I know my mom hates it when I write technical posts and I know she's not the only one. So skip this post if you're like my mom and you don't want to hear about operating systems.

Because I updated to iOS8 on my iPad mini Wednesday and I want to talk about it!

First: the new camera doodads. My friend Vivienne talks about the new timer here, but I also want to point out that the new time lapse feature is pretty cool, too. I started playing around with it yesterday. I was able to use a screencap from it with my surreal photo of the day. I'm going to try it during Remy's first soccer game tomorrow.

But the real difference for me in the new iOS is the new incarnation of iCloud, because it is finally synching with my PC again! (There was an issue with the last update.) All of you Mac people were warned not to implement the new iCloud yet (because the new incarnation isn't available for your computers yet) but for us PC people, it's working better than before (there may still be a few kinks). Yay!

I'm also deeply intrigued by the ability to take all icons off the first page. As it is, I went down to one row (just on the first page), but after a day I went back to my old, two row configuration. I tried no icons, but it did not work at all for me. I'm just not that minimalist, I guess. I want the apps I use most to be at the bottom (in the dock) and then the next most frequent ones to be on my first page.

Right now, I have four pages with two rows of apps each. I have a few folders but mostly, I just don't have that many apps, comparatively.

(I also keep a lot of unused space on my device, so after I dumped all my photos onto my computer, I didn't have a single problem with the large amount of space that the update requires.)

Most of the new features of iOS 8 are things I will never use. I have Siri turned off. I don't use message or facetime on my iPad mini. I have a phone that I text with and I have skype on that phone. I'd rather use my phone as a phone than my iPad.

Since I have almost all notifications disabled on all my devices (I did have to go through and change settings after the update, as usual), getting notified that someone has responded to a specific email I sent is not even the slightest bit important to me. But it might be important for you! We all need to do what works for us!

The new update is working for me. And that makes me happy. Happy enough to tell you about it! Even though I'm sure this post bored and annoyed my mom. Sorry mom!