blog and book, not blog or book

After writing yesterday, I had another epiphany about this book writing process:

I've been thinking about the book as something to do *in addition to* writing here. Which over the summer, gave me some leeway to let go of posting everyday (which was good for traveling and then recovering from bronchitis). But, it leaves me feeling like I have to make a choice. Do I want to blog or do I want to write my book? 

When what I really want is both. 

And it's a false (self-inflicted) choice: this blog is very small. And there are much bigger blogs than mine that have "gotten away with" being turned into books. I was already planning on adapting some of my previous writing, anyway. 

Why think of the writing as separate? Why not just write more everyday (as I'm getting better and am able to write more)?

Ok, so: write. Just write. Figure out form later. Maybe it goes here, maybe it goes in Google drive. The point is to be writing about this topic. 

(Which I spent all last year doing anyway. Hmmm....)

I make things harder on myself when I overthink them. 

I make things harder on myself when I try to create outlines or plans, instead of just writing. 

Write and the book will come.