everything evolving

what i need to tell you today:

some days i wake up early (i am not a morning person but when my brain gets wordy i wake up anyway because words trump everything) and in the haze of post-dreaming i feel ALL the feels and think ALL the thinks from the dream (even if i don't quite remember it) and coffee helps reground me and then i switch to tea, which helps in a totally different way and then morning passes and i go back to feeling like a normal human being who isn't caught between worlds. whatever normal means.

the fogginess/ dream stating is essential to how i weave myself into the world.

these blurry photos. these multiple exposures. these photo manipulations.

i like that last term. photo manipulator.

last week i needed to update my bio, so i tried out some new terms to see what works best as a label for what i do, artistically, right now. 'photo manipulator' didn't occur to me, but it would also work. instead i used "wordsmith and digital artist" (before it was "poet and photographer").

i am ever evolving.

as is everything. there's nothing special about evolution. it's just awesome, that's all.

(that's everything.)