eye intensity unlocked at last

Ever since I got my first iPod touch with a camera, Hipstamatic has been one of my favorite mobile camera apps.   

When I switched to Android (with the Samsung Galaxy player; a move I quickly regretted because Samsung stopped supporting the device), the one app I really missed was Hipstamatic. And there was only one reason, one lens, in fact, that I missed: 

Tinto 1884. 

Thats the lens that makes these eerie eyes. Oh, I love it so much. For awhile, I spent time trying to duplicate it in Android, and then switched back to using the (way less good) iPod touch camera. 

When I bought my current phone (a Nokia Lumia some number or other), the biggest draw was that Hipstamatic had created an app for Windows 8: Oggl. (Oggl also exists for Apple devices and is one of the main photo app I use on my iPad mini.) 

Only problem: Tinto 1884 didn't exist on my phone's Oggl app. 

(This is a problem with the lens interface, I'm told. Yes. I emailed the makers of the app to ask. About one lens. I'm obsessed with this lens and have been since it was released. I'm also totally in love with actual tintype photography, but the chemicals involved in "the real thing" are not great for asthmatics.)

So, yadda yadda yadda, eventually I bought this iPad mini (that I love for a multitude of reasons). And voila, I had Oggl and Tinto 1884 and all was well. 

And then last night I got an email. Hipstamatic has released a new TinType app. 

Are you kidding me? I didn't even hesitate (though I did read the reviews and yes, it's slightly buggy - it just got released. I've only had the issue of it freezing after I save a photo and try to hit "more." I can live with that). 

So far, so amazed. 

The new app only has two "film" options right now (black and white and color - they're the same as the D type and C type films that released with the tintype pack). And that's ok. I'd like more color options, but it's ok. 

My real happiness with the app comes from its ability to change the eye intensity. 

(I also like being able to change the filter intensity and the frame, but the eye intensity is my #1 feature.) 

Eye intensity is exactly what tin type is about, to me. Eye intensity is where it is at. And being able to change the level makes me very happy indeed. As I'm sure you can tell!

(I was not compensated for this review. I bought the app myself. It cost a dollar. It was worth every penny. I also pay for Oggl because I love it that much.)