heart and soul

This past week (month, season) seems to be about me relearning the lessons of my thirties (this becoming solid-in-one's-power is NOT for the faint of heart, people).

I let some of my power go over the summer.

I needed to rest.

I still need some rest. I really need to focus on getting my health back. This cough is fierce.

But that wasn't the power I gave away. I gave away my power by feeling un-enough to write the book I need to write.

Needing to rest was a large part of it. Writing that book while I had bronchitis? Not a good idea. But the needing to rest brought up the critical side of my brain that told me I was lazy and not good enough.

I am not lazy for needing to heal.

And I definitely have the life experience to write the book I need to write. I am enough.

I write the things I need to learn. The things I need to remember. The things I need to pass on.

The things I need to pass on.