independent together

Eight and almost a half and I know the days when he needs me are starting to loom up ahead of us.

This is parenting: holding him close and then letting go, in stages.

(If we're lucky, in stages.)

And that's hard, sometimes. But sometimes it isn't difficult at all.

Right now, I am finding myself in a tiny bubble of space where he is snuggly and loving and needs me yet is so very independent and it is so wonderful. I am soaking it in.

And even though I am geared towards independence, I love being independent together. I am a better mom to an older child. This is where I shine (I hope). I think it only goes up from here, though I know hormones will do their best to mess it all up in the middle years. I'm enjoying the snuggliness before the hormones hit.

Today he had his Halloween parade and unlike the last couple of years, it wasn't snowy or hurricane-ing or even just raining, so they actually had their parade. Twice around the building. And everytime he passed by, his head was swiveled towards me, yet he was totally content to parade on his own, too.

Independent, together. Connected.

My little (but oh my goodness, so very big!) Pikachou. So adorable and electric.

Oh, this love explodes out of me.