leaning into winter with creative projects

Remy at Dauphin Island beach in Feb 2010 - only a few weeks after my miscarriage/ building and trees from our trip to New Paltz, NY a few weekends ago.

Last winter, I started putting images from my archive together with images from my 'now.'

I called this the #archivallexseries. According to instagram, I've made 28 of these images. (29 now.) Most of them were made in late winter to early spring.

I've talked about this before, how I need creative projects. Well, I particularly need them to get through my least favorite season, winter.

I'll probably be doing another haiku a day project in November, unless I poem it black out style or mood ring style or make up an entirely new thing, instead. (Or take another stab at NaNoWriMo. Which is not looking like a good possibility right now, because of all the traveling we're doing.)

And I have a feeling I'll be making more of these archival series multiple exposures over the winter.

Because yes, Eddard Stark, winter is coming.

I'm going to keep leaning into it* this year.

Let my creative work reflect the season and be where I am. And also be a reminder of other times, other pasts that I was able to live through, whether they were tough or fun or both. Everything is in me and I am in everything.


* I retain the right to complain about the cold and excessive snow. Especially when my limbs get cold and numb. Because having Raynaud's really isn't pleasant. I'll be wearing my balaclava as much as possible when it's very cold. I know it looks silly, but I'd rather look silly then have my nose get numb/painful.