what is remembered

Today I found a lens (this Sigma 24mm 2.8 macro lens pictured above) that I had no memory of buying. Which is kind of weird, especially since there have been times since I bought it when this lens would have been the absolute perfect lens for the job (and I thought,"oh, I should buy one of those." Meanwhile, it's sitting under my desk, on my backup camera). 

Let me back up, so I can explain. Even though I can't really explain why I forgot about this lens, just how it was that I found it. 

I haven't really been using my DSLR much lately. 

Same old story - it's so heavy (especially with the 2.8 zoom lens I've been trying to use as my primary lens, which I bought this prime to replace, actually, and then forgot about!) and the Fuji X10 I got last year for Thailand works nicely most of the time. And I shoot most of my everyday photos on either my phone or my iPad because it's the camera I always have with me.

Anyway, last weekend, for some reason, it came into my head that I should look at mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (are we calling these MILCs? acronyms are weird) because if they really are as awesome as they're touted to be, I could ditch my DSLR (so heavy) and my Fuji X10 (not enough control) and have one camera system that I could use whenever.

And Lo and Behold! Sony has a (newish) MILC that looks like it would fit the bill. 

So anyway, today I was going through my camera equipment and I was thinking about whether I should keep the oldest DSLRs for Remy to continue using (he doesn't like that it has no video). And I noticed it had a prime lens on it, but it didn't look like my nifty 50, so I picked it up and found this 24mm lens that I have absolutely no memory of buying

What is that about? 

(I don't have the best memory, that's for sure.) 

So I did some digging through PayPal. (I buy my used lenses on keh.com and one of the reasons I like it is I can use PayPal.) 

Oh, I bought it last year, in February. 

Oh. Winter. 

Oh my gosh. Last winter. 

No wonder I don't remember buying it. I was just swamped by winter. 

I must have put it on my old camera at some point and out of sight, out of mind. I still kept trying to make that zoom lens work for me, even though it wasn't. 

Long story long, I put the 24mm lens back on my a580 and now I'm remembering all the reasons I love my current DSLR. Yes, it's kind of heavy. Yes, it takes a lot of work arounds to get photos from it to my iPad. (No WiFi.) But oh, the photos I can take with it. Oh, the prime lenses I have!

I need to remember to pick it up more. And remember to remember all my lenses. (Actually, to that end, I need to get rid of the zoom lens that frustrates me every time I shoot with it, because it is not worth while. I like prime lenses. I'll stick with prime lenses.) 

That said, I'm still leaning towards eventually getting the a6000 - it's smaller, faster, will accept all my prime lenses (with an adapter), and has WiFi so I can push photos directly to my iPad (which would make it super easy to do an all MILC 365 next year). 

But now I am in no rush. Finding the "new" lens is like finding a gift from my winter-self, and for right now, that's enough newness that I am feeling like picking my camera back up. I can wait for a new "one camera to rule them all." 

I can wait. 

And I can remember to remember. 

And I can be so very grateful for what I have given myself, that brings me to this moment.