yes, this: indigenous people's day and my mom's birthday

I do not ever choose to celebrate Christopher Columbus, on this day or any other day. There is nothing heroic about being a conquering slaver. But I do not choose to celebrate another, reformed, wealthy European instead as The Onion link I posted up there suggests we do.

Instead, I choose to celebrate the lives of the people who were already here. Happy Indigenous People's Day everyone. (And here's a short history of Berkeley's implementation of the original celebration - there are other great articles on that site, so click around while you're there! I hope I'm back in Cali for that Pow Wow one year!)

And I choose to teach my child about atrocity, at his level - I got to have a good conversation with him on Saturday which opened with him asking, "We don't celebrate Columbus Day, do we?" His school is not progressive this way, which makes me sad, but I am a teacher by nature, so I fill in the gaps.

And I choose to say Happy Birthday to my mom, because today is her birthday and I love her and am grateful, so grateful that she was born.