and more rest

In California, we stayed in a fancy hotel that had a white-smoked-glass door. 

In a fit of inspiration, the one night I had time to myself, I took a series of tin type photos through the glass. Mysterious. Spooky. So very much a yes, to me. 

(Bathrooms really are magical. Particularly when one is not responsible for cleaning them. Toilets, I'm looking at you!)

And now we are home again, but not for very long - we have wed-giving on the horizon (Remy dubbed it this and it stuck, at least for me. The actual wedding isn't on Thanksgiving, it's on Saturday, but the family is hosting Thanksgivig dinner, during the celebrations leading up to the wedding, so the name is still apt.)

More airplane travel. 

More opportunities for magical photos. 

And more rest.