following the thread of thoughts on a gray, rainy monday

Because obviously, color and blur are still a favorite theme of mine.

Because not everything can be self-portraits and multiple exposure, as much as I love them.

Because I am having technical difficulties with the photo series I wanted to share today.

Because it was a series of TinType self-portraits.

Because they weren't multiple exposures.

Because my iPad didn't save them as the TinTypes, it saved them as the original, non-processed photo.

Because the hydrangeas my backyard blushed an amazing shade of pink this year.

Because the autumn foliage behind pink is a beautiful contrast.

Because this rainy gray day needs some color in it.

Because I am feeling sore and tired and shaky.

Because I had these photos on my harddrive from last week.

Because pink makes me think of warmer climates.

Because after seeing Interstellar yesterday, I'm left feeling cynical and misanthropic and I was hoping these photos would cheer me up.

Because this beautifull, amazing planet doesn't deserve to be abandoned.

Because if we did abandon this planet, it would hurt us more as a species, not make us into transdimensional beings (and I can't even with the hubris of that fantasy).

Because in the process of abandoning what is intrinsic in our bodies for the maybe of a new planet, we would only be copying the worst behavior of our ancestors, who conquered and colonized wherever they wanted and left behind salt strewn fields so no one could plant the land they didn't want.

Because saving ourselves means we need to do better, as a species, not keep to the same unethical, mythic manifest destiny.

Because in the fantasy that we can cheat death, we are only practicing more denial and adding more suffering to our pain; it's time to step up and practice letting what we grieve for guide us to remembering what we love.