Oh, this drizzly autumn Thursday morning. 

I've spilled coffee on two sweaters today, and a shirt. I gave up by the second sweater. A stripe of coffee down the side of a pink sweater isn't that noticeable, is it? I hope not. Smells good, tho. Smells like awakeness. 

I forgot to go to bed early last night. Well, forgot isn't the right word. I didn't go to bed early. Hence the coffee and the coffee spilling (which was, in all but one cases, coffee dribbling - the exception being when the coffee erupted out of the French press at me, first thing; I think the grounds are too fine). 

Obviously, I was up too early (for me); today is the start of a four day weekend for Remy. State wide teacher conference. Woohoo. 

(I kid. Four day weekends are fun. It's just my child doesn't sleep in. Ever. I'm fine once the caffeine hits. It just takes awhile. I'm so not a morning person.)

And it's raining; we drove M to work, so we'll have the car. I want to go to the library, at least. And maybe go coat shopping. It was brought to my attention right before I dribbled coffee down my second sweater that Remy outgrew last year's rain jacket.

Yes, he's always growing. It's amazing.

So we drove M to work and came home, because it was too early for the library and shopping. 

Meanwhile, at home there's stories and playing and photo making. 

Meanwhile, there's coffee. 

Luckily, I didn't spill much. Just enough to mark me as tired and clumsy. Just enough to make me laugh at myself. Just enough to spark some words this morning. 

Ah, this drizzly autumn Thursday.