poeming on a gray wednesday


In this vale
of unrequired
cannonballed openings

that lie hidden
in the recesses
of our hearts

we soften
we softly
we stop

until the shuffling
flies away no more
from the face
of all our fears.


Once again, I am doing a poem-a-day in November, instead of NaNoWriMo.

(All of you writing novels this month, I salute you.)

I'm mostly writing and posting my poems on my instagram/ tumblr, but today's poem needed publishing here because of those indented lines.

(Ah, formatting.)

Also, if you missed the link I shared on my FB this morning, please go read this wonderful article on reading poetry.

That's basically an outline of why I read (and write) poetry.

(Except for number 18, which I think is just that author's experience.)