voting is precious to me

later today, i will walk to school to pick up my son (it's a half day because it's election day) and then i will walk to the gym with him and vote. 

i have a strong belief that taking him with me (or him going with M) to vote lets him see that voting is just something we do. 

something we do. every single time that we are able to, we vote. 

voting is special to me. precious. 

voting is precious to me, because as a woman, i know how recent it is that i am able to vote. (for most of my country's history, i could not.) 

voting is precious to me, because as a jew, there were many countries that would bar me from voting, including the country i live in. 

voting is precious to me, because as a queer person, there are still too many people who would like to see my civil rights taken away. 

voting is precious. 

and so it is something that i want my child to see as precious. 

and so i wait to vote, til he is with me. 

and then i'll let him wear my sticker. because that's the level he connects with, the sticker. and it is all about connecting at his level (and then leveling up, as he grows).