a contribution: we are stardust

One of my columns for Wild Sister magazine* has been reprinted in the best of book that editor/ publisher Jen Saunders has just released, Wild And Precious: A Guide To Loving Yourself, Following Your Bliss And Changing The World.: The Best Of Wild Sister Magazine.

My article is called, 'We Are Stardust.'

(We really are.)

My words were inspired by many, many, many things (well, by everything, really), but most especially it was inspired by the space display at the American Museum of History**, where I photographed one of the images that makes up this multiple exposure that I used with my piece. (There are no photos in the new book, so I'm reprinting it here with permission for the first time outside the magazine.)

And of course, the dinosaur bones are also from the AMNH.

(The skyline shot is also from that day trip to NYC. I may have taken it from the windows of the AMNH, I'm not sure. )

* Yes, loves, those are affiliate links, which means I get a nice commission if you choose to buy anything after you click. Clicking the link is not binding: you are not forced to buy anything. Thank you.

** I totes don't have an affiliate link for the AMNH, but it is an awesome museum and you should go if you're ever in NYC. Also go to the Met. And like fifty billion other places, because NYC.