color happy

I woke up this morning to find the gray skies of the last several days had lifted.

Halleluja! Blue skies! It's a Hanukkah miracle!

(Literally: more light = Hanukkah miracle. Yay!!!)

But seriously, the gray skies do start to get to me after awhile. If the trees weren't bare, it might be a different thing, but the lack of green and the gray is depressing, together. I am a colorful person, I thrive in places that have all the color.

(And when everything is gray, I wear all the color! OK, even when it isn't gray I wear all the color!)

To celebrate the light, I took some photos in my office with my new (to me*) birthday camera: the Fuji x30.

I've only had it for a week and I'm already completely and utterly in love with this camera. I already really liked my Fuji x10, but the x30 has two features which complete what I needed in a point and shoot:

* It has a manual focus ring. I take a lot of intentionally blurry photos and change the focus on my photos a lot. My Fuji x10 did not always do a great job of getting the focus that I wanted. The x30 does. That one feature makes it the exact right camera for me.

* It has WiFi. This was totally a bonus feature. I didn't know how awesome having WiFi in a camera would be until I used it. And then I fell in deep, deep love. Wow. Being able to quickly access photos on my iPad means I can use the better photos from my x30 for my 365 project. Yay!!

(I wish EyeFi cards were the same, but the reviews lead me to believe they are not. With the x30, I can choose which photo I want to send to my iPad. With an EyeFi card, I don't think I could.)

This little blue/ floral cloth elephant lives on my window, attached to the cord for the blinds. I bought him in Thailand, at the Elephant Nature Park. The memory of our visit there continues to inspire me. Please do not ride on elephants or support elephant tourism. Elephants need our support!

Instead of using the in-camera multiple exposure feature - another great feature I love about the x30 (see this photo) - or putting the photos on my iPad mini using WiFi and combining them in the Diana app (or iColorama), I went old school and mixed the two photos in Picasa, as explained in this video post from very long ago (back when I still had my locks).

And I love the result. But I also love the two photos on their own. Combined and uncombined. So I decided to share them all here today with you.

Because color makes me very happy.
And photo-taking (and photo-making) makes me happy.  
And sharing my happiness makes me even more happy.


Extra happy-making bonus: this collage of the elephant looking out the blinds of my office, because cute:

* I prefer to buy used items, especially with electronics, which are not made in sustainable ways.

Buying used (or refurbished or store samples) is my way of creating a little bit more sustainability in my own purchases. I understand that this policy does not work for everyone. And sometimes it bites me in the behind, when I get a defective item.

For example, my Fuji x30 arrived with a defective EVF. This was not listed in the description, so I can return it if I choose to do so. But since I'm already so in love with the camera (and the price I paid for it was so good) that I am going it take it in to the Fuji repair shop later this week to see if it is a repair which can be done under warranty.

More often than not, buying used/ refurbished items works out very well for me.