drizzly day pleasures

Today was a half day of school, quartered because Remy decided not to watch the movie his class was watching after their party. 

His IEP is clear on this point, he isn't forced to watch movies if he doesn't want to. Just in case, I emailed his teacher to reiterate that if he needed/wanted to come home, that would be ok. 

We went back and forth on the issue last night, trying to decide whether just keeping him home would be better (last year's movie trauma was big time). But in the end, he decided he'd go and see what the movie would be before he made up his mind. 

(This carefully nurtured flexibility can be so fragile, but seems to be getting stronger and stronger.)

And yes, he came home early, but it being his decision, he was in very cheerful spirits. Not anxious or worried or scared. That's a win, to me. 

We had lunch and he did some water coloring and read for awhile and then I suggested we go to the little zoo for a photo rain-walk*. "Nah," he said. "That would take too long." 

He has a guitar lesson at home this afternoon, so he did have a point, given how bad traffic can get. We don't like rushing. It isn't fun. He also wanted to play video games, but that's an after guitar lessons activity, since it causes everyone's frustration levels to rise. 

We compromised and went on a neighborhood photo-walk and while we were out he played a little outside at the local playground, too. Drizzling day fun. 

And then home for pokemon battles and dreidel spinning and more art and reading and a little house cleaning. And lots of tea for me while I photo edit and  write. 

Yes, today has been a very pleasurable start to our winter break. 



* Yes, rain! Not snow! I am pretty happy about just that one little difference.