ebb and flow in the 365 project

I'm getting near the end of my third 365 project. 

(Yesterday I looked at my tag for the year and discovered there's about 30 missing photos. I was pretty upset about it. M said, "but the point is the taking of them, right?" And yes, that's true. But the other point is to be able to look back at them, in one big batch. Memory keeping. Anyways, I'll fix it this week. The photos aren't really missing. I just forgot the tags.)

I haven't decided for sure if I'm doing another 365 project next year. I've thought about it, I've got some ideas, but there's part of me that says 3 years is enough. Time to stop doing the everyday thing. 

(But there's another part of me that says don't ever stop!)

December seems to have amped my self portraits up another notch. I'm not entirely sure why. I just go through periods where I'm feeling it, more than before. December's doing that. Vibrant, intense, expressive. Yeses, all around. 

And still some days are more yes than others. 

And some days there are so many outtakes, I feel like there should be more than one official photo of the day, but that would add up to more than 365. 

And some days I wait til the very end of the day and I'm not feeling it, and the commitment I made to the project is all that compels me to shoot a photo and edit it. 

It's that last reason that keeps me doing 365 projects. The days I'm not feeling it. I want a commitment that overrides those days. That keeps me creating, even when I feel shitty. Even when I feel blah. 

Those might not be the best art days, but they keep me going. 

And I need those days, too. 

Ebb and flow.