ever green

what i need to remind myself today: there is always green, evergreen, even in the coldest heart of winter.

this is the bush that lives outside my office window. i keep the blinds pulled up in the winter so i can remember: evergreens stay green, even in the cold.

(at least in our NJ winter.)

in winter's past, i have placed birdseed on the window sill outside and happily bird watched. last winter, the squirrels found the birdseed and kept the birds away, so this winter i haven't put it out yet. i'm hoping to find a more squirrel-proof feeder.

(not that squirrels don't need food, too. but they're tricksy and don't like to eat while i'm watching.)

and this is the truth of the world, the deep truth that keeps me going, even in the midst of an emotional winterstorm:

there is green. ever green, even in the midst of the hardest winter.
there is love, only love,  in the heart of the hardest winter.
love, only love: ever green