finally, white

When I first shaved off my dreadlocks (way back in May 2013), I decided to let my hair be its "real" color for awhile, because I was interested in seeing when it would start going gray/ silver/ white. 

(My husband has the most awesome salt and pepper hair. My hair is light brown/ dirty blonde, so it won't look the same. I am fairly sure I know very few people who have my color hair who don't bleach it blonder - we were all very blonde as children, so having light hair seems right to us.)

After deciding to grow out my hair, somewhere at the tail end of last winter, I got the blahs. I didn't want to cut it, I just needed a change. And since it wasn't looking like silver hair was going to show up anytime soon, I used up the last box of light blonde hair dye I had in the house. 

(And then I went teal.

But the effect of hair dye in virgin hair was a huge eye opener. It changed my hair so much (made it dry and brittle) and I did not like that feeling at all. I have not had any desire to rebleach my hair since then, so I have three inches of roots right now. 

(The conditioner in the teal hair dye did help a lot to recondition my hair. It isn't that it stayed dry and brittle. Just that it was very shocking how much change there was.) 

After I bleached it, I stopped checking it as often for signs of gray. 

(I may have missed the first signs. And that's ok.)

What is neat is that last night, I was able to see the white in my hair, at the roots. 

(It's subtle. So subtle.)

But it's happening. And that makes me happy. I commemorated the occasion by taking photos and then making a double exposure because obviously that's what I'm going to do. 

(The black and white version is the outtake, I posted the final piece on instagram last night.)  

I am looking forward to seeing how it changes, as it changes. 

(And I have another bottle of teal, so when I get the winter blahs this year, I am ready.)