our thanksgiving break

Last summer, we got an amazing invitation.

Would we want to go to Antigua over Thanksgiving for our friends' wedding?

Our answer was an immediate HELL YES!

And oh my goodness, was it ever a hell yes. The sultry weather, the plethora of pools to choose from, the rum punch, pina coladas, wine and champagne, flowing.

Hanging out with friends, old and new. Mostly poolside.

Hell yes.

Watching the Star Wars trailer at brunch on a laptop, with three (and then more) people crowded in, trying to hear the words over the music pumping out the poolside bar speakers. Then geeking out with my fellow geeks, speculating.

(I watched it a couple of times more when I got back to my hotel room because Star Wars.)

Kids who all got along, from infant to teen.

Kids who swam and swam and then begged to go swimming again. Unless they were catch-and-releasing tadpoles in the raised lily pond. Or running around. (Or iPad playing together. These are twenty first century kids; they're adaptable.)

Kids who were nice to my son. Kids who held his hand. Heart melted.

A donkey who stole my heart. And some chickens. And some multicolored crabs. And countless lizards and birds. And the flowers.

Oh hell yes.

Green everywhere. And blue. And pink. Color to fill my heart for the winter ahead.

An unexpected wedding ceremony before our Thanksgiving buffet. (To get a wedding license there, one has to be married by an Antiguan official. She made a house call and an impromptu wedding ceremony was set up, with photos after.)

And then the planned wedding, with a pre-party (with the steel pan band) and a beautiful dinner on an amazing porch with a harbor view.

Capped off by fireworks at the end.

Oh hell yes, fireworks!

(I did not get any photos of the fireworks.)

And I was having such a great time that I didn't really think about my camera much - the battery died right before the (second, planned) wedding ceremony. I didn't get any photos of the ceremony or the raucous fun at the long table that evening.

(There was interpretive dancing involved. And a lot of singing along between courses. And a dance around the table with the groom, playing backup singers to him for "Staying Alive." Yes!)

And I didn't get any photos of M and I swing dancing. Or of Remy and I swimming in the sunset between the ceremony and the dinner. Or of me, swimming again after desert and before the fireworks. (One gets sweaty dancing outside in the Caribbean, even at night. I wore my purple swimsuit under my lace turquoise dress.) Or the fireworks, which were a surprise from the bride to the groom.

But I know other people did get those photos, and I know that eventually they'll be shared with me.

And I have the memories. Oh yes.

Oh my yes.

Going to a wedding in Antigua over Thanksgiving break? Most definitely a hell yes.