poeming on the eve of 40

this embracing year
has seen me grieve
has seen me dance
has seen me write
has seen me keep writing
has seen me photoing
has seen me arting
has seen my poeming
has seen my geekery
has seen me travel
(and travel and travel)
as I embraced each moment
in all its joy and pain.

this embracing year
has heard my singing
has heard my playing
has heard my capability
has heard my strength
has heard my weaknesses
has heard my rage
has heard my sorrow
has heard my capriciousness
has heard my love
has heard my growing
(and growing and growing)
as I embrace this moment
in all its joy and pain

this embracing year
has felt me start
has felt me stop
has felt me settle
has felt me expand
has felt me contract
has felt me cuddle
has felt me swim
has felt me sink
has felt me love
(and love and love and love)
embracing each moment
in all its joy and pain

this embracing year
has impressed me
has touched me
has digested me
has tickled me
has moved me
has inspired me
has invigorated me
has launched me
has embraced me
(and embraced and embraced)
as I embraced this year
in all its joy and pain

Taking my cue from last year's last day of 38 poem, "expanding," a poem on my year, from the point of view of my word of the year.

True to form, I haven't picked a word for forty yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Or whenever it comes to me. No "shoulds." Only love.

Only love.