the last lexsurrealsoul2014

I haven't yet fixed the tagging error that keeps me from being able to compile all 365 of my daily surreal photos from 2014. But the complilation can wait until 2015. Today is the last day of 2014 and thus, my #lexsurrealsoul14 projects ends today, with this final creation.

(There's a lot of Klimt inspiration going on with this one.)

It's fitting that the last work of a project inspires me to look back at the entire set, although I can't do that entirely until I find and tag the "missing" days.

They're not all self-portraits, like this last one, although the vast majority are. Still, the one factor in the project was that they be "surreal" (self-defined - my personal surrealism has a lot of expressionism in it and maybe a lot of symbolism, too). I also set a mostly-imposed goal that they all contain a person in them, but I think there were one or two days where I violated that goal, because the right picture didn't have a person.

This last month, my self-portraiture/ surreal work has gone in a new, more vibrant, more "painterly" (for lack of a better term) direction.

In large part, that's because I'm using a few new-to-me apps and exploring options and part of the fun is changing colors around to be completely not realistic.

(The new "painterly" app is Brushstroke and it was the free app of the week a few weeks ago. I'd been looking at it for awhile, and one of my Instagram friends posted a photo made with it and I realized it was free and snapped it up! The other app I picked up recently is Fused, which is a double exposure app for my iPad that actually has layer masks, something I've been searching for for awhile. I don't always want the full shebang of iColorama when I'm using layer masks.)

But there are other factors. I'm inside more right now (because it's winter) and I'm needing more color (again, because it's winter). I'm playing more, though my self portraits are coming out quite serious. That's just the look I'm going for.

And this the effect of consistent daily practice. I know how to get what I want, imagistically. I've had my iPad mini for nine months now, and I've gotten good at using it to create my surrealsoulscapes.

OOH. And just like like, I have a new term for what I'm creating. Yes! A new term, on the last day of the series. I like that timing.

I am unfolding, even creatively.