Oh yes, this is going to be an unfolding year, I can feel it already starting.

I am forty. I am feeling beautiful in my skin (that work is ongoing, but I am feeling it, especially when I am not sick). I am feeling the radiance of being.

And still, I am unfolding. Into what newness, I do not yet know. But I know the unfolding is already beginning. Has already begun. Began, in fact, with my birth. For I know that the unfolding has been with me all my life. This year, I am choosing to focus on it, by choosing it as my word of the year. Honoring this unfolding. Cradling it close to me.


I have written about this word before. Several times, in fact. It is one of my favorite Counting Crows lyrics, "I am folded and unfolded and unfolding, I am fine." I have a feeling this next year will be a flowing year, as opposed to last year, where I was ebbing. But to follow the unfolding, as it happens, means to allow what is to be what is.

And to choose each moment, as I am in it. This is the way to keep choice into the moment. To make the choices as they arise. To keep in mind what my long term goals are, what my life work is, what is needed.

To be is to be unfolding.

That mysteriousness in which what is One (everything) become singular, becomes multitudes. That paradox that I am constantly exploring. An unfolding truth, peeled back like onion skins.

I am. I am. I am.

We are. We are. We are.



(Love, loved and loving. Always.)