bringing back grief-work: empathy

Over on instagram/ tumblr, I'm doing a monthly project called One Moment Memoirs (hashtag #onemomentmemoirs), spearheaded by Jenna McGuiggan. The prompts for the month long project are free and I am enjoying them immensely.

On Monday, writing it out on the "domestic" prompt on MLK Jr Day, I happened to write a sentence that stopped me with its truth:
Part of my path is to work with grief and so I will grieve today.
Oh hello. Grief-work. Yup.

It's also empathy-work, lest you think grief is too morbid. But really, if you think grief is morbid then the message of grief-work is probably exactly what you need. That's the point: we can't separate grief from our lives, unless we want to keep distancing ourselves from everything.

If we can't handle loss, we can't handle life, because loss is life.

(Everything that is born dies.)

And then last night/ this morning, another aha moment: a subtitle for my grief-work book. And damn it, I didn't write down the title fast enough and now I don't remember it completely. Argh. But that's ok. It was probably more like a dream title and less of a real life title. You know, like how dreams make sense until you wake up.

(It was similar enough to my working title that I can brainstorm on it later.)

And it's more than enough that it got my wheels turning on another aspect of this book that is writing itself through me.

Yes, the book that is writing itself through me.


Head's up: Jenna is teaching a live virtual class on the one moment memoir this Saturday, there's still time to register if that's your kind of thing.

I don't like the call-in format because of my audio processing issues. But if you like call-in classes, I think this one will be amazing! Jenna's writing approach is very akin to my own.