January is a hibernating month in the northern hemisphere. 

A month to nest. A month to hygge. A month to create warmth in my house and my home (self and family). A month to go within. An ebb month. Deep, dark, restful, painful, sad, comforting ebb. 

It's a lesson I'm still learning, still practicing: feel all the feeling and let them be what they are. No more, no less. Don't add. Don't subtract. Just be. 

Some days the practice is easier than others. Some days I am content with tea and warm layers and a book on my kindle and a fuzzy purple lap blanket. I let the winter be what it is, no more, no less. I'm ok when I go outside in my many layers because I know I'll be going back inside soon enough. 

Some days I resist winter. I resist the cold. I resist the hibernating. I resist going outside. I add all sorts of suffering to my feelings of dislike. Those days are much harder. 

Today I'm reminding myself, once again. Hibernate. Be still. Dream. Plan. Think. Write. Take photos. Stay warm. Many layers are good when it is cold out. 

Winter passes. Spring will be here soon enough. Those layers will be shed. 

Life is. 

Folding and unfolding. 

Ebb and flow.