making more photos with my dslr

Part of this unfolding year (plus, the ruminating after returning the camera I bought last month) is the decision I made to try start making more photos with my bigger cameras. Particularly the a580, aka my "big camera" which I am still considering replacing with a smaller mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

This afternoon, I paired it with my lensbaby composer and the double glass optic. I took six quick photos and this one hit just exactly the mood I was going for.

The best camera is the camera you have with you?

Well, maybe. But I can't make photos like this with my cell phone or even my iPad, which does support the newest lensbaby, the LM-10.

For me, the best camera is the camera I can use to get what I want.

Most of the time, for daily photos I'm ok with the iPad or my Lumia 928.

But I want more sometimes. Really, I'd want more most of the time, but the size of my DSLR keeps me from taking it everywhere.

And that's why I'm still looking at compact camera systems. But while I'm looking, I'm going to keep shooting my a580 more.