sunny wintery days

I'm not usually up this early, but for the next three (now two) mornings, I am. My love is away and I am here at home being the full time parent. 

This is both hard - because mornings and I don't get along and it's hard for me to sleep without him in the house - and wonderful - because I get to see the morning light I usually miss. 

The sunlight streams in through the living room window, bright and warm. I lay soaking it in this morning, after drop off. 

The evergreen branches were from before drop off, at way too early am... I do so love that golden light, even if I hardly ever get to see it. That's why when I am up, I invariably try to capture it with one camera or another. 

And now that the morning light has disappated, there's groceries to be gotten, naps to be contemplated, a book to (re)read and a heck of a lot of tea to drink. 

And vacuum cleaning if I get around to it. Which I might. Having clean floors makes me feel like a much more put together person. And oh, they are not clean at this moment in time. Not one bit. I've been floundering with winter. But eventually (and I think I've reached this point) I get sick of floundering and just haul myself up and vacuum the floors already. 

Maybe today. 

Or maybe tomorrow. 

I might need a nap more than I need clean floors. 

It's winter and my love is away and I am letting myself do what is needed for me and Remy, who could care less about hair balls in the corners of the rooms and only needs a mom who is rested and happy enough that she's not about to snap. 

Ah yes. 

Winter self care. I got this.