a few Monday afternoon thoughts on practice

Instead of watching the Oscars last night (I wasn't boycotting so much as I don't really find much interest in awards shows these days), we watched a documentary on amazon prime called Sound City, which is essentially a love letter to the soundboard at that recording studio. 

As a movie, it was hit and miss, but as a collection of performances (at the end) it was an Oh-my-yes.  

My favorite bit (aside from Paul McCartney) is the contrast between Trent Reznor, who is a classically trained pianist, and David Grohl, who can't read music and plays entirely by ear. Yet they can and do collaborate, very well. 

It's a matter of doing your own thing (years and years of repetitive daily practice) and learning the language to collaborate musically. 

It's really that daily practice that gets left out of the biopics and documentaries. It's boring, daily practice. Well, not to the one practicing, but to the viewer. 

What do you love so much you practice it every day? 

You might know my answer: writing and photography/digital art. Singing. Also mindfulness. And kindness. And being me, in all the aspects of my life.

Oh yes, being me. That's the biggest daily practice of all. And my favorite, of course! 

Also mad props to Trent Reznor's grandma for getting him piano lessons.