As the crews work to de-ice the runways so we can get underway, I pause and notice this moment. 

It might be easy to get upset at the delay. Truly, if we had a connecting flight to worry about, I would be much more annoyed than I am right now. But I bought these tickets with ease in mind, and having a direct flight is part of that ease, for me. 

(The early timing of our flight is not ease-filled, since I am still not a morning person, but part of getting an extremely cheap flight is making some compromises and that was one I was willing to make, especially since it means we get more daylight in California.)

And so we wait, patiently. Remy is playing a game on his kindle and I am writing, for now. 

And soon enough, we will be in the air, flying towards warmth and sunlight and an early spring. 

Yes. Even though it is only for one week, yes.