homeward bound once again

Remy and I are flying home right now, 36023 feet above the earth and the world is hazy pastel below us. 

WiFi in planes continues to astonish me. 

Our lives changed this week, in ways I can talk about (and will, slowly) and ways I may never be able to explain. 

I suppose our lives are always changing but this felt like a major crux, and one that I was very much hoping would pan out. It did not. Our lives change sometimes by staying the same. 

But not the same-same. We are never ever the same, from moment to moment. The river of time keeps flowing, in this expanding universe of ours. 

And so I remind myself: life can change in the blink of an eye. If it doesn't change one way, it will change another. Spring will come. Meanwhile, I have new extra warm snow boots and a new-to-me wool jacket I picked up at one of my favorite vintage stores in Sonoma County. 

And in a few hours, I will see my love. As much as I complain about the cold (and oh the cold, I am not looking forward to it), my love and I are committed to this life we live together, in winter and every other season, too. 

We are committed to our family. That I could go away for a week with just Remy is made possible by that commitment. 

A week in the sunshine was a beautiful gift. 

A lifetime together (moment by moment) is the most amazing present of all. 

This present moment, flying home towards my love.