nesting in February

Last night Souster B asked me a poignant question: what's your house project right now?

It's poignant because she knows me very well: February is hard for me. I usually immerse myself in a house project, to help me get through the murkiness. And I haven't done that yet this year.


So, in the short little while before Rem and I go to California for winter break (yay!), I think I'll start a house project.

I don't know what it will be yet. I was thinking of decluttering the bathrooms, KonMari style. Or my bookshelves.

Something needs to be cleared out and I might as well give the house a good clearing.

Oh yes, it's February. Sigh. So much snow, so much cold.


Nesting helps. And so I will nest.

But before I tackle any house projects, I am going to finish sewing up my new pair of swants. It's 18 degrees out today, I need all the woolen pants I can get. Mending is nesting, too. It just isn't house-nesting. I need that, too.