I'm drinking my coffee, having texted my friend/ neighbor (to arrange a play date) and listening to Remy finishing the homework he was supposed to finish on vacation. 

We (meaning I) gave ourselves a day of reentry, instead of flying home on the last day of break. Knowing in advance that we would need a day to readjust, to finish that homework, to remember our routine and try to shake off the jet lag. 

What I didn't know (in advance) was that tomorrow I'll have to do the morning routine, which will be tough because I finally adjusted to west coast time a few days ago and I'm still deeply ensconced. 10 am this morning felt very much like 7 am. As a night owl, it'll be tougher to adjust back to east coast time. But I'll manage. 

(Random academic things make it so I occasionally have to do the morning routine. I'm OK with that, since the majority of the time, we're able to make it so I can sleep in and I know how lucky I am that way.)

Meanwhile, today, coffee and homework and swants and eventually catching up with my friend while our kids play and dreaming of spring. 

Being right here, right now.