synching/ ease

One of the only things that can get really annoying about not being (electronic) brand or operating system loyal is synching photos from one device to another. 

This is obvious, since brands actively make synching between competing OSs a hassle for a reason: brand loyalty = money. If it's a lot easier to be brand loyal than it is to figure out synching between systems, most people will be brand (or at least OS) loyal. 

But I don't want easy. I want ease.*

And to me, staying flexible regarding brands and operating systems is ease. Because it means I can get what I actually want instead of what I am supposed to want. And so I mix and match. 

And this totally works for me. It may not work for you. I'm willing to be proactive when it comes to technology. Actually, I love being proactive with technology, even when it freaks my mother out. (Hi mom! You can skip the next few paragraphs!). 

For awhile, I was able to synch my phone and my iPad fairly easily, using the One Drive on my phone (Lumia 928) and the app Cooliris* on my iPad, but at some point (possibly after the big Windows 8.1 update) that stopped working. 

(Also, and this may just be me, I was never able to get that synching to happen automatically, before the update, despite troubleshooting. I think because I don't leave my WiFi - or cellular data - on all the time. After the update that problem went away, but then I had problems between the two OSS. I could synch One Drive to my PC, just not to my iPad mini.)

Back to today's situation. I have a whole bunch of photos on my phone from our trip to Cali that I haven't been able to synch via One Drive AND haven't yet transferred to my desktop computer (where I could synch them via Picasa).

And I'm needing another rest day and I wanted to write on my iPad and use those photos here (as I've done).

So this morning, I was searching again for a fix to the issue and I found out Dropbox now has a Windows phone app! *

And it works, automagically! 

Ta da!

Photos from our adventures in Cali. 

(There may be more on my instagram / tumblr / facebook later today.)

I love ease. 

* Because today is about ease, I'm typing this on my iPad, which means no hyperlinks, but if you search for "ease" over there in the search bar of my blog, you'll find what I've written on that subject before. 

* I also use Cooliris to synch my Picasa account from my desktop to my iPad. And now I'm using it to synch my Dropbox account!

* There were good third party apps before, I hadn't been using them because One Drive was (sort of) working for me. I think Dropbox may work better in the long run, but I'll stay flexible.