acrostic auto-suggested poeming on a tuesday

know what you think 
as for the win 
like to see 
oh my goodness 
sorry for not getting 
can you please send 
on the way you want 
practice and 


If you've been reading along on my other channels (instagram, tumblr, twitter, facebook), you might have met this new found-poem form already. I created/ stumbled upon it at the end of February's poem-a-day project. 

Essentially, it's an acrostic poem (meaning all the letters of the right hand margin spell a word or words. I used the word "kaleidoscope" today, just because that's what the photo I made suggested to me. 

The twist for this form, and the thing that makes it a "found poem" is this: after I typed down the letters of the acrostic word, every word was auto-suggested by my iPad keyboard, including the word that starts the line. 

(I'm using the SwiftKey keyboard on my iPad mini, because swiping to type is awesome.) 

Still, there is decision-making in found poeming. 

I decided how long to let the lines go, how to punctuate (or not) and in some cases, when the word chosen by auto-suggest wasn't what I wanted, I picked one of the other two suggested words instead. (I get three possible words with this keyboard). 

Found poeming is fun. It's just another set of poeming possibilities that I like to keep in my arsenal. 

Because poetry.