more joy, more music

This late-winter nesting, after reading The Magic Art of Tidying Up, meant a lot of decluttering and moving/ rearranging. But it also meant buying a few new tools. Tools that would allow for easier usage of the things that bring me joy. 

One of those tools was a new stand for my autoharp. 

It's just a simple folding guitar stand. It didn't cost a lot of money (think $10, maybe $12, on amazon). 

But it keeps my autoharp out, on display, where I can see it and grab it easily, to play. 

That's using a new tool to bring more joy into my life. 

Grab and play autoharp. Joy. 

Well, it still needs to be tuned. That's the one annoyance of the autoharp. Tuning isn't difficult, but it takes a while and needs to be done frequently. That's one reason I'm thinking of getting a ukulele next.

Music is a joy, in my life. 

And so I shall make more music!