poeming in joy

After Winter 

comes the softening,
the yes, yes, yes of warmth,
the simple pleasure of comfort 
in one's own skin again. 

The gratitude of survival. 

This moment in the sun. 


I'm finding myself exceedingly grateful for the beginning of spring this year. Which is probably true every year, but this year's heavy snow really had me grateful for the melting. 

And even though the temperatures are still mild and fairly cold (for me), the lack of dirty, gross snow all over the place makes me happy in this moment. 

And so I poem. 

I'll be poeming every day in April for the (I think now) sixth year in a row. One more reason to be happy in spring, the creative rush of being part of NaPoWriMo, when poets all over the globe poem daily, for no other reason than the sheer joy of poeming. 

Sheer joy. Yes.