rebooting, restoring and rearranging

For some reason, I woke up absurdly early this morning, which actually turned out nice, because my beloved is going on a day-trip with his lab and we got to have an hour together before he left.

As he took his shower, I took some gorgeous photos from the windows.

(This one is from my new office window.)

I tried uploading them onto my iPad, but my sd card reader hasn't been working since the latest OS update. So I googled for a solution and there it was: restore to factory settings.

And lo and behold, it worked. My SD card reader is working again!

(But I already put all the photos on my desktop, and while I was here, I decided I might as well write this with my actual keyboard on my actual desktop computer. Strange, I know.)

And now, I'm needing a nap. Or a bath. And then to alternate between finishing rearranging the kitchen (then starting on finishing the office/ guest bedroom this weekend) and reading the novel I started a few days ago.

And I can do all this, after I finish writing, because that's how my life is set up.

Because that's how it needs to be set up, right now, otherwise, I'd be in danger of falling apart. Right now, taking care of what needs to be done (being a human being who is a householder with a child) and nurturing my own creativity are what I can handle.

When I can handle more, I rearrange and reboot. Right now, it's time to restore.

(Winter is almost over. Spring is coming.)

Spring is coming.

(Happy day.)