spiraling into the now, parenthesis style

A DNA spiral and flower from our trip to California last month, over a photo of the Bilbao Guggenheim from our last trip to Europe in 2008

It might take me a few days to get back into the routine of blogging every morning.

(This week is my husband's spring break, so I'm even less likely to write first thing.)

Today, after I woke up, we booked plane tickets to Morocco for our summer adventure.

(I know!!!! OMG, so amazing!!)

Spring has sort of arrived here - the weather is mild and bearable and most of the snow has melted.

(All the snow from our yard is gone, but there's some remaining where there were big piles.)

Tomorrow, Remy has a big report due on hurricanes.

(The only one he remembers is Sandy. But he's been through many more, including - probably - Katrina as an embryo.)

This weekend, we're going to a soccer match.

(I'm more into football, but any live sport is fun.)

It's wonderful to have spring and summer to look forward to.

(But right now is what I have and right now is really good.)