tabula rasa nesting

This week I am nesting, to get the house ready for my upcoming writing retreat. 

Sometimes, I just have to decide, OK, I am doing this, and then do the thing. So I did. I decided on next week as my starting date. It's the week after daylight savings, which should work to my advantage. (I'm not a fan of daylight savings ending in the fall. Having more light in the later hours of the day is helpful to me, as a night owl.)

Finishing the first draft of my book is something I want to get done. And so I will get it done by carving out time and space for myself. 

Baring illness or otherwise, I'll be taking next week (and possible the week after) off to write intensively and get the book finished. I'm anywhere from a quarter to halfway done with draft one at this point, depending on how much material I am able to mine from this blog. Intensive writing is my thing, so I am not worried about how much I need to write. If I need more time, I will make more time. Simple. Easy. 

(And yet, neither simple nor easy except in the doing.)

Here, I'm going to either schedule posts from my archive or not post at all. I haven't decided. In the past, I have always leaned towards posts from my archives, but in this case I don't know if I want to make time to do that scheduling. If I get to it, I get to it. If not, I am not going to sweat it. This is my blog and while I have some readers (and oh, I love you guys), I'm really writing for me, for posterity. Pays from my archives are a bonus, if they happen. I know my readers understand. 

And so this week is tabula reading rasa-ing in preparation. 

I'm playing along with my friend Amy (of Mama Scout)'s decluttering prompts over on her Facebook page, but I'm digging a little deeper, too. Yesterday, I organized the downstairs bathroom (the shelves look so pretty now!) and today, I'll tackle the upstairs. Plus the silverware drawers, which are an essay into themselves. 

Later this week, my office/ Remy's art space, and putting together a nest to work. I don't think I want to stand while I write the grief book, so I think I'm going to use laptop. Or lower my standing desk for now. I haven't yet decided. That's part of my nesting process. 

Tabula rasa. A blank slate. A clean start.