weathering the end of winter (active mindfulness and warmth)

Yesterday, it started snowing again right before I started walking to pick Remy up from school. It's a block and a half walk, which is my second favorite thing about this house (first favorite is the garage, because getting in and out of the car without getting rained or snowed on is amazeballs). 

Short walk = not much time to get frozen numb. 

All afternoon there was more snow. Then ice. Then maybe it turned to rain in the night? There are droplets of water on the trees outside my current office window. 

It's all slushy outside today. There's more on the way. I'm fine. 

I'm fine. 

Late winter nesting seems to be helping a lot. It's active mindfulness. I feel productive and calm, proud of what I've done instead of anxious. I feel hopeful for spring, instead of feeling down about the current "wintry mix" weather we're experiencing. My house is getting into spring shape, once again. Which reassures me that spring is coming, once again. 

Seasonal cleaning helps deal with the seasons. Go figure. 

Aquiring the right tools and accessories also helps. We came into the north more prepared this time around, but we're still gathering the things that make winter more bearable. 

For me, that's swants, wool socks, winter garments that are colorful and bright. My new boots rock my world. They're warm and toasty - almost to much, with the swants. That's a problem I like to have. 

Warmth and I get along well. 

And our Mini Countryman makes the biggest difference of all. Last year I would have been so paranoid about my husband driving home* in such slippery weather. Now that we have AWD, that worry is (mostly) gone. These tires? Don't slip. 

Also, it has seat warmers. Oh, I have so much gratitude for seat warmers. 

Warmth and mindfulness. This is my version of hygge. This is what I need in the winter. This is what I'll remember for next year, to keep adding to my winter survival kit. More color, more warmth, more mindfulness. 



We slipped around so much in our last car. It was scary. Plus the clearance was awful, so we'd get caught in any snow drifts the plows left behind. That was the biggest reason for buying a "new" car last year. Winter was coming. And now that winter is still here, I'm so glad we bought the right car for us. I still wish there was a plug in hybrid available in the USA that had AWD and didn't cost a fortune (*cough* tesla *cough*) but there isn't. So we bought the right car for us.