NaPoWriMo 2015: day 23

the long approach

you meander through your childhood,
stopping here and there to climb a tree,
sit and poem, stopping there to scream
about the unfairness of it all, stopping here
to watch the rain fall as the gutters swell
and the smell, oh that smell, the smell 
of ozone as the rain hits the pavement 
on a warm summery day will never 
leave you... 
                   and you meander through adult
hood looking back at times past through
vaseline smeared lenses and bokeh becomes
your friend and just when it seems it can't
get any better, it does, and when it seems 
it can't get any worse, it does, it's change, 
always change and nothing good or bad,
but what you make of it, and screaming
doesn't hold much appeal anymore, but 
the smell of ozone will always take you back
to a beautiful rainy summer day and poeming
will always reminds you of being in that tree
and meandering, oh this meandering
is the way to accomplish it all