NaPoWriMo 2015: day 27

only four more poems left in april,
this one makes three, and the thing is,
i don't think i can stop, the may
that is coming will be here before
i realize and that is the danger
of living life moment by moment,
one moment fades into the other
as if they were all the last four days
of april, cherry blossoms bursting
in the tree next door, daffodils
starting to make their quickening,
and how can any four poems
capture what i know is truest:
that this world is only ever a gift,
even on the days when it hurts the most,
that there is nothing i wouldn't do to live
that there is love in the bottom of the ocean
that the last four days of april
may be the only days we ever have,
amongst all our infinite scheme of days
the days we wish away, burning
on our own incandescence like a moth,
drawn to what will hurt the most,
drawn to what we love, drawn over
and over into the moments of our lives.