NaPoWriMo 2015: day 8

Three Haiku On a Rainy Spring Day 

solace in flowers 
even those whose pollen
leaves my lungs burning 

this yellow purple 
blur, my eyes stinging, red rimmed: 
beautiful pollination 

When beauty you seek, 
find it in the source of your
allergies, you will!


I find it ironic (and a source of much poetic inspiration) that the season I love most of all, and crave, deep in my bones, is the one that gives me the most asthmatic issues. 

(Not to mention the itchy eyes.) 

It is one of my (multitude of) paradoxes. 

How much I love flowers; how much I need to breathe clearly; the plethora of antihistamines I buy. 

Yay, antihistamines! 

Eating gluten free these past few years has given me far fewer allergic reactions - instead of feeling completely zombiefied by the large amounts of benadryl needed to combat previous seasons of allergic reactions, I can now revel in the slight itchiness of "oh yeah, that's in bloom now." 

(If I stay in contact too long, as with having cut flowers in the house, eventually I'm going to have to resort to benadryl.)

Sometimes, flowers are needed. And benadryl is worthwhile. But then there's a tipping point and the flowers have to go outside. 

(Because sometimes, I accidentally ingest gluten. Oops. More allergic reactions.)

It was worth it for the beauty. Yes. Oh yes. 

And flowers can be just as beautiful, given to the squirrels. 

(ps: that last Yoda inspired haiku, because resist, I couldn't.)