NaPoWriMo 2015: day one

A Semi (Autocorrect) Vilanelle for Spring 

Listening to the birds begin their spring revelry,
sun poeming through clouds, rolling in and out,
(the typo of "poeming," an autocorrect I'll keep)

and even though spring isn't quite here yet, 
it feels as though it might soon be, weather 
matching the birds listening to spring's revelry 

matching the month, matching the holidays, 
matching my bitter, intense <need> for color, 
(the typo of "bitter" an autocorrect to keep) 

and warmth, hope, renewal: this leftover fog a soft 
goodbye for another yesterday that never seemed 
to match the birds at their revelry of spring, oh spring,

storms and bitter cold, sweetness for another day 
wandering through the basement of interest 
(the autocorrect of "basement" which surely 

I wouldn't keep unless compelled) flattening all my
breath and desire and promise into one bright now,
listening to the birds begin their speedy recovery 
(the autocorrect of "recovery," oh yes, I will keep).