a blur

The thing about time being relative is, it really does speed up, the older I get. Oh boy, does it ever speed up! Nine years ago feels like the blink of an eye! And how wonderful that is, and how frustrating sometimes. But mostly, it just is what it is. 

Blurry, beautiful, amazing, painful. Pretty fucking cool. 

"Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future." 

Yes. Indeed, Steve Miller (Band). Yes, indeed. 

Yesterday, we had an amazing birthday party for Remy at a guitar shop/ recording studio. 

Seriously. Getting to try out instruments, recording a song and then getting it mixed and mastered by an actual sound engineer. Good fucking times! What an amazing party. I'm a little post-party'd out today. Especially since it was so hot last night I actually considered putting the a/c units in the bedroom windows. 

And then the weather turned, sometime this morning, and I had to wake up to put a blanket on the bed. 

So then I slept in (way longer than even usual - I have a sleep deficit from the weekend) and then woke to great news from souster B. 

She's a private person, so I'm only gonna say that she achieved an academic goal which we all knew she would, but it still feels great to be over the hurdle of actually finishing it! I'm so proud of her. And excited for the next leg of her academic journey, whenever that may start. We talked more about time on the phone. 

Yes, time. 

We were thinking about our future selves. What a gift it is, to give them what we start now. 

(I love that she thinks that way, too.)

So, last night I was thinking about timing and decided that I'll take this week (and maybe next) to rest, tabula rasa the house again (vacuuming and cleaning, mostly, but maybe some decluttering in my office) and then *really* rest and then I'll be ready to devote a (business) week to writing/ editing the second draft of my book. It's time. 

It's time. 

Yes, it is. 

You're welcome, future me. 

(Oh how I love you.)