a magical moment from saturday's wedding

For the most part, I try not to post photos of other kids on my blog. But I am making an exception for this photo because it is sooo damn magical. (And there's no distinguishing features. Blur for the win!)

This was one of my favorite moments* from the wedding we attended Saturday. The littlest attendants got a little confused walking down the aisle, and needed some guidance to get to the end. This is the ring bearer's mama, encouraging him with open arms and the widest smile.

The only thing I don't like about this photo is that her smile isn't as clear as it could be. I took a chance and only brought the kit lens of my new camera. Mistake. If I had had any of my primes, I could have caught this much sharper. Oh well. I'm sure the official photogs got that shot.

Instead, I got *my* shot.

Blurry. Beautiful. Capturing the moment, but still there, participating.

And OK, if I'd had a prime lens, I could have played around more with the blur. But I'm happy with the photos I got. And I'm super happy for the silent shutter option of my new camera!

And I had so much fun.

And now I need a day or two to recover! lol

Aside from all the dancing and singing we did later on that night. Because, omg, there's no party like a open bar wedding party with a kickass band playing songs that everyone knows and loves. I got no photos of that, because I was too busy dancing.

It was fun as hell, yes it was.