adapting lenses

The adapter to use my Minolta Maxxum/ Sony A lenses on my LUMIX GM5 arrived yesterday. 

I was so excited, I immediately put my "nifty fifty" lens on. Wow! That wide aperture = lovely blur. That's why I love prime lenses so much. Yes. 

With the crop factor of the m4/3 system, a 50mm lens becomes a 100mm lens; on my dslr, it's a 75mm lens. The only camera I own that allows my lenses to be their actual length is my film slr, which I don't use much because getting film developed is a PITA to me. 

100mm is not the best for self portraits (is fantastic for portraits of other people), but I did what I could. I like the creaminess of this one, above. I also got some neat eye shots. My nifty fifty isn't a macro lens, but at the minimum focusing distance, I got some neat effects.

Having WiFi in the camera is really helpful for self portraits with the adapted lenses - I can turn on the app and see what the camera sees on my screen. Since adapted lenses are manual focus only, it helps me figure out what's in focus (and what isn't, when I'm going for intentional blur) when the camera is pointed at me. I am fairly good at gaming distance with manual focus, but seeing it (especially with peak focusing turned on) is good when I'm getting a sense of what the lens can do, at a different length. 

Some of the cameras I looked at had articulating screens, so I'd have been able to manually focus without using live preview. None of those cameras are as tiny as the GM5. In the end, that was a factor. I need a camera I can stick in my bag, and carry everywhere with me.

Obviously, the big dslr size lenses won't be traveling in my pocket lenses. That's why I got the kit lens. And I'll be getting some m4/3 primes soon (after I decide which lenses to keep and which to sell).

I can also use the WiFi to transfer photos from the camera to my iPad. I love that feature a lot! I knew it was something I wanted, after having the x30 for a few weeks. I did look at cameras without WiFi, but I never could really sell myself on them. Transferring photos with the SD card reader is hit and miss: I've had to reset my iPad a few times to get the reader working again. When I'm traveling, I want transferring photos to be as smooth as possible.

Today I'm testing out my other two favorite lenses: the  24mm and the 90mm macros (both of which have a 2.8 aperture). 

So far, I'm loving the 24mm (effective length, with the crop factor, 48mm) for self portraits. I'll try the 90mm later, on a neighborhood photo walk. The crop factor of that lens goes from a 135mm on my APS-C sensor dslr to a 180mm on m4/3!!! I'm thinking that will be very interesting with the flowers blooming right now. I'll also try out the lensbaby system, see how that is, with the longer reach. 

I may also stick my constant aperture zoom lens on, to see if I like it better on this camera than I do on my dslr. (It's always felt very dark to me, as a 2.8 lens, and the images always need a lot of post processing, which I don't like.) Otherwise, I'll sell it, along with the x10 and one of my dslr bodies (probably the newer one, but we'll see) and whatever lenses I decide not to keep. 

It won't be official, official until I sell everything, but right now, it's looking highly likely that I'm keeping this camera. 

I'll have more to say later about the decision making process.